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Weather-Based Controllers

Save Water and Money

One way to make sure your irrigation system is not wasting water is to install a Weather-Based sprinkler controller. These controllers retrieve updates from thousands of weather stations and automatically adjust the controller to water the landscape with only the amount of water that is needed. Weather-Based sprinkler controllers are available for any size sprinkler system; for both residential and commercial properties.

How Do Weather-Based Irrigation Controllers Work?
Weather-Based sprinkler controllers use either an on-site or satellite weather stations to track evapotranspiration on a daily basis. 
Evapotranspiration (ET) data allows the weather-based controller to determine watering run times required to keep your landscape healthy as well as saving water by decreasing your watering times automatically during the times that your plants are under less stress. 

Local Rebates
Some of the local water providers are offering rebates and incentives for installing this type of system.  Check with your local water provider to find out if you qualify for these rebates and incentives.

Call for More Details
For more information on how a Weather-Based irrigation controller can start saving you water and money, call AIM Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.  

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