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AIM Landscape & Irrigation, Inc.
is locally owned and operated in Santa Clarita, CA.  We a full service landscape contractor.  AIM is licensed, bonded and  insured.  We offer our customers more than two decades of experience in Sprinkler design and installation. AIM Landscape installs quality sprinkler products, provides excellent workmanship and customer service.  

Efficient Irrigation Systems Save Water and Money
We have all seen it; sprinklers watering the sidewalk instead of the grass and water running down the street due to excessive water run off.  Inefficient irrigation systems waste water and money.  There are many money saving repairs and improvements that can make watering your landscape more efficient.  A complete irrigation and sprinkler inspection can uncover the reasons an irrigation system is wasting water.  Whether you need to install a new system or repair and update an old one; AIM Landscape & Irrigation, Inc. can get the job done right with an affordable price that meets your budget.

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